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Why payroll card programs in ConcordBank

For employees it is:


  • 0 UAH* for withdrawal from cards at ATMs of most banks in Ukraine;
  • 0 UAH* for issuing a card and opening an account;
  • the ability to pay for goods and services around the world, the implementation of money transfers;
  • participation in joint offers of the bank and Visa, Mastercard international payment systems;
  • making additional profit on deposit programs;
  • access to other bank services and products;
  • round-the-clock access to your accounts, remote transactions through mobile application "NEOBANK for all";
  • card blocking upon owner's call in case of loss.

* - is included in the cost of other services within the tariff package

For company it is:


  • settlement management in a separate icON business Internet banking system;
  • commission for crediting funds to payroll cards - 0.5% of the amount credited;
  • personal manager;
  • ensuring the confidentiality of payroll information, which makes it possible to vary payments and stimulate employees with rewards and additional bonuses;
  • stable and uninterrupted operation of cards and ATMs of the bank, operational servicing of transactions and settlements with cards due to the own processing center.

Questions and answers

How can I join a payroll card program?

Three easy steps:

  • The company enters into an agreement with the bank.
  • The bank opens accounts for employees on the basis of completed documents and issues plastic cards.
  • The company transfers salaries to the bank, which on the same day transfers salaries to the card accounts of employees.

Can I join a payroll card program on a premium basis?

Yes, the payroll card program is implemented on the basis of both ordinary, standard cards, as well as premium cards. This is possible due to the fact that JSC “JSCB CONCORD" closely cooperates with Visa, Mastercard international payment systems.

How long does it take for my company to join a payroll card program?
A payroll card program for 100 people can be implemented within a week. When the cards are ready, you can pick them up at the bank or our employee will come to your office at a convenient time.

How long does it take to credit salary cards?
Own processing center "ProCard" allows the bank to credit money online, immediately after the submission of the statement, within one business day.

Who to contact if a problem occurs?
Each company has a personal bank manager who provides the most comfortable program service.

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