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Why flash-overdraft in ConcordBank is just for you

  • Possible overdraft limit - from 40 000 UAH up to 1 000 000 UAH.
  • Obtaining a preliminary decision of the bank within 1 day.
  • Conclusion of an overdraft agreement within 3 days after the client submits documents to the bank.
  • No collateral requirement.
  • No need for periodic zeroing.
  • No transaction processing costs (notarial expenses, insurance, etc.).


Basic parameters of Flash-Overdraft

Possible overdraft limit

from UAH 40 000,00 up to UAH 1 000 000,00

Validity of the overdraft agreement

from 3 to 12 months

Zeroing term


Deadline for the transfer of turns to JSC “JSCB “CONCORD”

2 months (during this period the bank does not revise the overdraft limit)




of the company owner

The procedure for calculating the overdraft limit

The first 2 months after opening an account

15% of proceeds to accounts with other banks, but not more than 250 000 UAH

Starting from the 3rd month

30 % of proceeds to accounts, opened with JSC “JSCB “CONCORD”,
but not more than 1 000 000 UAH


Product passport

Significant product characteristics

Client general expenses


Interest rate (per annum) 15,0-19,0%

Overdraft origination fee

1.0% of the Overdraft limit

Fee for the provision of each overdraft amount

0,05 % of the each amount

Monthly fee


Questions and answers

What is overdraft?

Overdraft this is one of the types of short-term loan within the limit established by the bank, which allows making settlements when the client does not have enough funds in the current account. When a bank lends to a client's current account, an overdraft is provided to pay for settlement documents in the event of a shortage or absence of funds in the client's current account. The Bank deducts funds from the client's account in full, that is, it automatically provides the client with a loan in excess of the balance of funds. Unlike a regular loan, all funds received to the client's account are directed to debt repayment.

Can I be denied Flash-overdraft?

The service is not provided to enterprises in which the share of state ownership is more than 25%, and to enterprises that are financial intermediaries (investment, brokerage companies, etc.).

What payments can be made using overdraft?

You can use overdraft for any purpose related to the current business activities of the company.

Is it necessary to make separate payments to pay off overdraft?

No, the overdraft is automatically repaid upon receipt of money in the account.